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ESPN columnist Chris Palmer has cheap Police sunglasses mentioned: "In NBA history, only 18 players score more than Iverson, including 14 named to the Hall of Fame, and the remaining four have not qualified (O’Neill, prada sunglasses sale Garnett, Kobe Bryant(Zoom Kobe 8), Dirk Nowitzki). "O’Neal certainly will designer replica sunglasses happen to other four, apparently, Palmer also will be the first time that Iverson basketball hall of fame.Former 76ers(Nike Barkley Posite Max) teammate Larry Hughes said: "I am proud of him, hope he can on his success in the next stage of life, he is not just a basketball player." Pacers forward Hibbert and Iverson comes from the Replica Designer Sunglasses prestigious Georgetown University basketball, he was 2012 All-Star player, but since he joined NBA in 2008 , and Iverson could not direct confrontation on the field, and his Twitter Discount Oakley Sunglasses message rather with sadness: "Iverson, Please do not say so (retired)!!! when he was riding in the NBA, I never had a chance in ray ban wayfarer discount the same arena, and his blows. "

NBA players collective farewell to chanel sunglasses 2012 Allen Iverson, Former coach: He is Greatest Iverson retired completely be announced after the news, many NBA people first time send a blessing. Thunder Durant(Kevin Durant Shoes) on Twitter core message succinctly, he said: "Thank you, Allen Iverson!" Iverson nicknamed "the answer", in reference to whether he will womens designer sunglasses be selected the Basketball Hall of Fame, shortly before being traded to the Clippers forward Jared Dudley said that " this is no problem". He said on Twitter: "In my opinion, Allen Iverson will be the first candidate to enter the Hall of Fame, this is no problem, he is not ever over six feet tall (1.83 m) guard the most outstanding, he changed the NBA. "revealed Iverson announced his retirement soon," dunk (SLAM) louis vuitton attirance sunglasses "magazine, said Iverson qualify Basketball Hall of Fame dior sunglasses was first elected in 2015.

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